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Blockchain and the Bible

Blockchain and the Bible

April 16, 2020


In episode 10, ATN host Paul Taylor discusses theology and blockchain with Jason Lee. Jason is Vice President of the NEM Foundation, a group which oversees a technology protocol for blockchain. Their conversation provides deep insights into the importance of blockchain, the rise of cryptocurrency (an application of blockchain), and the ways Christians can think about transparency, trust, and privacy. Tune in to learn more about these emerging (and exciting) technologies, as well as significant theological implications!



Jason is the Vice President for NEM Foundation, serving as Board of Director, Executive Committee and Council Member. As an advocate for emerging technologies, he was recognised as a Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2018 list-maker and had represented NEM Foundation in 30 cities over the past year as an advocate in his past role as the partnerships & strategic alliances director. He is based in Melbourne and was originally from Kuala Lumpur.

We Are All Made of Stories

We Are All Made of Stories

November 13, 2019


In our newest episode, ATN host Paul Taylor talks with Oliver Miao, CEO and co-founder of Pixelberry Studios. A seasoned entrepreneur in mobile gaming, Oliver pioneered story-based games that give players the opportunity to interact with a narrative and make choices. Paul and Oliver's conversation touches on fascinating ideas around storytelling, games, and theology. Join them as they discuss the power of story-based games to shape human experience, the value of games from a Christian perspective, and more.



Oliver Miao is the CEO of Pixelberry Studios, a Nexon studio. Their studio is the creator of Choices: Stories You Play, a Top 10 Grossing game on iOS. Their team pioneered story games on mobile and have been releasing episodic mobile content every week for the past 14 years. With Choices, they continue to innovate in the category of mobile fiction. Oliver has 17 years of mobile games experience, lead the launch of multiple Top Grossing games on iOS, and started two mobile gaming studios with friends. He loves that Pixelberry’s first game, High School Story, has taught millions of teens how to deal with serious topics, like cyberbullying and eating disorders. He enjoys coaching his kids’ basketball teams and volunteering with the Children’s Ministry at church.

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